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It gives you the ability to create up to 5 different designs in one project. The number of designs is distributed evenly to the quantity you choose.

Example: In case of 5 different designs selected and quantity of 100 pieces, the designs are distributed evenly by 20 pieces for each design.


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Canvas banner (recommended for indoor use): 

     Canvas banners are commonly used for high-end banner displays, wall-pictures, backdrops and more. With the little bit of texture, similar to a real painting canvas, they are great product for home, office or any professional event! 


Textile banner (recommended for indoor use):

Textile banners are made from polyester fabric. The advantage of the fabric lies in the fact that you can install it stretched, to remove any wrinkles, which allows for easy transportation since you can fold or roll it without worrying about creases. Polyester fabric gives a higher quality look for you banner!


     Vinyl banner (recommended for outdoor use):

  Vinyl banners are most commonly used outdoors. Technically known as PVC, the material is heavy and extremely durable, which makes it ideal for long-term use. Because of the smooth PVC surface, it comes with bright vibrant colors. 

  Mesh banner (recommended for outdoor use):

 Mesh material is a great inexpensive solution for outdoor big banners (over 5 m2) in windy locations. The polyester material have holes in it, which allows the air to blow through. They are commonly displayed on construction sites or sports events.

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Eyelet is a term for a metal ring, that is inserted into a hole in the banner. It is especially useful, when ropes or cords are used for the installation of the banner.


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