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It gives you the ability to create up to 5 different designs in one project. The number of designs is distributed evenly to the quantity you choose.

Example: In case of 5 different designs selected and quantity of 100 pieces, the designs are distributed evenly by 20 pieces for each design.


Lamination click

The term Lamination refers to a clear film overlay that is “laminated” over the top of the printed paper. It is designed to provide maximum protection and additional touch for those customers, looking for the highest quality products.

You can choose between matt and glossy types of lamination.

Benefits for adding lamination:

·                          -      Provides a protective barrier against scratching and abrasion

-      Protects against chemicals

-      Extends UV life of the inks

-      Increases the rigidity


Partial UV varnishing click

Partial UV varnishing is clear glossy ink, which allows you to highlight specific areas of your business card (for example your logo, name, website, etc). It adds shine and depth to specific elements, which draws attention to that part of the design.

*In Designer, please make a note in the “Add comment" section, where you would like to have UV varnishing. 

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