Finishing click

Glossy finishing means that your final product paper will have smooth shiny surface.

By choosing Matt finishing, the paper will have nice soft texture and no shine to it.

Paper quality click

Paper quality is measured based on "grams per one square meter":

Choosing a thicker paper gives more exclusive look to your final product and makes it more long lasting.

However, if you need cheaper short term give away flyers, then we advise you to choose smaller ''gsm.'' paper instead.

Folding click

Without folding: there will not be folding and you will have 2 pages (front and back)

1 Folding: you will have one folding in the middle, so your flyer becomes with 4 pages

2 Foldings: you will have two equal foldings on the width of the page, so your flyer becomes with 6 pages.

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