Beach flags

Designs click

It gives you the ability to create up to 5 different designs in one project. The number of designs is distributed evenly to the quantity you choose.

Example: In case of 5 different designs selected and quantity of 100 pieces, the designs are distributed evenly by 20 pieces for each design.


Base click

Metal cross foot:

The Cross-foot base is great solution for inside use. However, it can be used also in outside but when it’s not too windy. It comes with water or sand bag to ensure its stability for windy places.


Metal base: 

The Metal plate is great option for beach flag base, because it can be used indoors and also successfully outdoors. It is made out of solid 3 kg. grey colored metal plate.


The Screw base is primarily for outdoor use on a grass soil or on a beach sand. It comes with a rotatable pin, which make sure the beach flag rotates with the wind.



Water base:

The water base is made out of plastic, which can be filled with water. This base is great option for outdoor use.

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