Body quality click

Body Quality is the paper thickness inside of your brochure.

*For example: 130 gsm glossy paper means that the paper used inside of your brochure weight 130 gram per 1 square meter and it has glossy finishing.


Cover quality click

By choosing 130 gsm. glossy paper, your brochure’s Body and Cover would have same thickness.

Choosing 200 gsm. glossy paper, and the cover will be thicker than the body of your brochure.

*Generally, it’s recommended the use of thicker cover compared to the body, thus it gives more exclusive look and the brochure is more stable in the hand.                       



Pages incl. cover click

Pages incl. cover is for the total quantity of the page including cover. For example, if you choose 32 pages then you will have 4 pages for cover (front outside, front inside, back outside and back inside) and 28 pages left for your brochure body.

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