KineticMall - Get In, Get Done and Move On!

We are company that deals with the design and branding of promotional materials and various substrates and products. We've spend almost one year of developing KineticMall, a site which will give opportunity to fully customize all the products we offer inside it.

To totally immerse you in the experience, we decided to walk you through the site, step by step. Only in this way, we can show you numerous functionalities and features that our site offers.

When you open KineticMall, the first thing you will notice is a simple and clean design of the home page. But do not be fooled, everything inside is done solely to facilitate maximum client productivity. For example, the search engine - as we open the front page, we see a search box, done to save time for those who know exactly what they came for. Of course, it's not fatal if you do not fit into this group. If you scroll down, in front of your eyes will appear a list of 21 products that we currently offer. The design icon of every product is innovative - a small circle with only product name inside it, but when the mouse comes out on it, it flips back and visualize the product itself. Moreover, in the upper left corner comes the opportunity to open a small gallery, in which you can see pictures of this particular product. At the bottom, you will find more information about our company, our blog, form of contact and the currency picker.
We've made two videos with the idea to help our customers choose the easy, fast and optimized way of working with the site, without losing time wondering. (The videos are located in the footer of the site).

For the moment, our website has only English version, the reason for that is (although the main headquarter being in Plovdiv) most of our customers are from Scandinavia. We can proudly say that, we have won a fair portion in Scandinavian printing, designing and promotional goods industry. Kinetic's business history includes production of advertising materials of many big brands, as you can see from

OK, let's return back to the site  and notice the wide variety of products KineticMall offer - from banners and business cards to paper bags, wallpapers, stickers etc. Let’s choose for example business cards. From entering the characteristics of the product itself, we can choose the quantity, size, print on one or both sides and whether with/without lamination etc. At this stage, we can pick the delivery model (economy or express) and to which country, we would like our order to be send. After all filled, we will have information about the price and when to expect our goods. When everything is fine and arranged, we continue to the next step.

Now we move on to the design itself. An this stage, we can upload our file with predefined design or create a design from scratch with Kinetic’s online editor. Since I don't have a ready design, I’m going to use the Kinetic’s online editor and make one.

Kinetic's online editor is composed of white canvas, surrounded by multiple options and functionalities. Starting from the ability to add text and pick from 20 different fonts and colors, to options like underline, bold and italic. Further, we can change the background of our business card and also add shapes and themes from up to 16 categories. While moving object on the canvas, aligning lines stars to appear, which helps to be absolutely precise and meticulous with the design and its alignment. Throughout the creative process, we can also use other useful options like undo/redo and copy layer.

At this point, we have the possibility to either save the design  and use it in the future, or to move to Preview page. This is the step, when we are done designing and should review our work, so to make sure that everything is as it should, before printing. In any case, you can download your design in PNG file.

From the Preview page, we go straight to the final Checkout. Yes, you can complete your order without registration, however, if you aren't logged in, your artwork will not be saved into your account. When filling up all your data, please, choose also the destination where you want your order to be dispatched. If you have any particular message, regarding your order (for example: pack my business cards per 100 pcs. in stack), please, write that in comment field and we will follow your instructions carefully.

We are wishing you a wonderful and creative experience!!!